Fresh, Clean, Classic. This is the vision that comes to mind when you see the work of Bridget Conway, principal of Lighthouse Interiors, Inc.

“The initial consultation is always exciting…when I see an architectural plan or walk into a new project for the first time my mind immediately starts to project images of the rooms transformed into beautiful, uniquely designed, livable spaces.”

A graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Bridget and her staff are a dynamic and creative team. They work diligently to create interiors that are classically elegant while still reflecting the clients unique personal aesthetic.

“I love to incorporate the collections and personal treasures of my clients into a newly inspired and innovative space.”

Bridget has a true passion for every aspect of design, from construction and conceptual drawings to final finishing touches. Her career began twenty five years ago when she started building and renovating her own personal homes.

“I love the process of having a vision and seeing it come to life with no limitations or restrictions on that vision. With each project over the years, my style evolved. Now it is more about fine tuning, really paying attention to the details and staying true to my inspiration!”